The crisp clean air of September brings with it the sweet taste of crisp apples , sweet plums and ripe tomatoes. My sauce pot is full every day with salsas, jellies and fresh pasta sauce. Local produce is at its prime and you will find it it in plenty this Saturday. The long hot days of summer are stored in every beautiful ripe tomato just waiting to fill your dinner plates with joy. The Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market is a great place to share the harvest It does not matter whether you are cooking up a storm or just purchasing a few bottles of pickles.

Farmers Markets are not just about shopping.They are also about meeting your neighbors, sitting and having a coffee with people new to town, meeting a new baby for the first and watching them grow Saturday by Saturday.  So cozy up to a Saturday at the market and enjoy the new fall winter schedule of entertainment and information. Remember the market closes at noon during the fall.

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