Become a Vendor

Would you like to become a vendor at our Market? We are always looking for new vendors, especially vendors who can bring unique and interesting products for our customers.


We usually have room for full-time vendors and we always have room for occasional vendors. We are especially interested in vendors who would come once a month or so.


We are a Farmers' Market so our customers expect locally grown fruits and vegetables and food made with locally grown produce. Our customers are also interested in the work of artists and artisans, particularly when there is a local connection.


We don't allow flea-market tables, and we are not interested in vendors who would sell manufactured or commercially-sourced goods. As with most farmers' markets, our criterion is "Grow it, bake it or make it".


If you would like to become a vendor, perhaps you could slip around to the Market some Saturday morning and speak to our market manager, who will introduce you to some of the vendors and some of the Directors, and we can see how you might fit in.


Or you can reach us by email through the addresses on our Contact Us page.
Either way, get in touch.

Click Here to download the Casual Vendor Application Form