Gardening In Tatamagouche

Growing a farmers Market is a lot like growing a garden. Planning and dreaming lead to research and more dreaming and as Dale says this kind of dreaming always leads to a lot of work. But when the work is done and the seeds are planted it’s time to enjoy the results of all those plans.
The end of construction at the creamery square site and the opening of The Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre signals the beginning of a gardening season. The garden beds are finally prepared and await only the tending our community can provide.

If the Grand Opening is an example of the new beginning I am very excited. Our community was well represented. There were performers from all age groups and many different perspectives. Musical theater, choral groups, old time fiddles, vintage rock and blue just to mention a few. Even our local protest group attended the event, raising our media profile significantly.

The market continues to grow. With new faces joining us each week. We still have room in our outdoor area for more grower vendors, so check your gardens it might be a great place to find some extra cash.

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