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The crisp clean air of September brings with it the sweet taste of crisp apples , sweet plums and ripe tomatoes. My sauce pot is full every day with salsas, jellies and fresh pasta sauce. Local produce is at its prime and you will find it it in plenty this Saturday. The long hot days […]

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Gardening In Tatamagouche

Growing a farmers Market is a lot like growing a garden. Planning and dreaming lead to research and more dreaming and as Dale says this kind of dreaming always leads to a lot of work. But when the work is done and the seeds are planted it’s time to enjoy the results of all those […]

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Busy weekend

The excitement is building in our community. What a month June can be with everything from graduations, grand opening to snowstorms and tropical depressions! The gardens are tilled and planted, the blueberries are blossoming and the apples are pollinated and the fruit is set for the year. Wordplay the first major event at Creamery Square, […]

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Summer is a coming in and winters gone away!  

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Lunch at the Market

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9th Birthday

The Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market just passed its’ 9th birthday. Wow it seems like yesterday when we all stood on the front step for the opening day. Vendors have come and gone, some have gone on to other businesses, others have moved away. Sadly, some have passed on and are greatly missed. Our loyal customers have […]

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The Market Experience

The weather is definitely warmer and the winter snow is becoming an old memory, and life at the market changes into summer mode. __________ Katie was very busy providing samples of Ironworks Distillery spirits. _________ _________   And the members of the Wallace Masonic Lodge were doing a big business selling tickets on a big […]

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A Spring Market

As the snow disappears we are starting to see more of our regular market customers, and more of our vendors. Tom Wood from Wallace was bringing oysters last fall, and all winter he has been bringing his woodwork. __________ We have a new vendor this week, from Pugwash. __________ The Colchester Recycling organisation had a […]

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Last Market in April

We are hoping for warmer weather as April turns to May. There is still far too much snow, and now mud, but we have hopes of a warmer, drier month coming up.   Shawn Krause is back again this week with his soup of the week – a delicious local borscht. He also has some […]

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