Vista Bella Farm

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Sebastian Margarit & Brenna Koneczny

Fruit and Vegetables

Sebastian Margarit & Brenna Koneczny began farming in the Malagash community over five years ago. The focus to their agricultural practices starts with a sustainable farming approach.

When necessary they amend soils, and as much as possible use organic and no-spray approaches to assist growing their vegetables. Starting with an abandoned acreage, over the years Vista Bella Farm has expanded to include three greenhouses, a washing station, cold storage units, controlled irrigation and most recently a five acre fruit orchard, which for now is cropped using conventional agricultural methods.

The farm boasts over forty apple varieties, three pear varieties, five plum varieties and peaches, as well as over forty cultivars of vegetables that include specialty produce items like asparagus, fingerling potatoes, heirloom tomatoes as well as twenty hives of honey bees.

Sebastian and Brenna have three little boys whom they hope will one day take interest and part in the growing of their family farm as they feel that the lifestyle and work ethic derived from farming their own produce is a great way to make a positive impact within their own community as well as on their own lives.

The couples future plans include growing the orchard, hiring local help and hopefully in the near future creating a Nova Scotia Apple Museum, that will offer a great opportunity for agri-tourism as well as an informed greater interest in local agriculture from the community itself.

Vista Bella farm is a regular member of the Tatamagouche farmers' market and can be found selling their produce and honey here almost year round.

We live on 2859 Malagash Road and we welcome anyone interested to contact us for large apple/honey orders to be picked up at the market or farm.