Ingarbaugh Creations

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Wayne Ingarfield and Cindy Buterbaugh

Canadian and exotic wooden cutting boards, charcuterie boards and rolling pins Wooden benches and various wooden art pieces Hand painted unique serving dishes Sand-etched glasses and eco-friendly bottle glasses and vases

We hope to provide you with lots of beautiful choices for your own home or cottage, or for unique gifts for loved ones. All of our items are made ‘one at a time’ and with careful attention to detail. Wooden items for food use are all naturally beautifully finished- no stains- just a beeswax and mineral oil finish to bring out the beautiful grains. Our serving dishes are finished with a high gloss food safe finish. We are excited about sharing our original treasures with you at the market every Saturday, but if you see a certain wood that catches your eye for a board or bench, or would like a personally relevant design on a dish or glass, just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.