Thanksgiving Weekend at the Market!

Hope to see you all on October 12th- as you prepare for the Thanksgiving feast this coming weekend.  

The drive alone would be worth it- as the leaves are spectacular this year.  The vibrant red, orange and yellow hues are definitely something to be thankful for.  But that’s not all that makes it worth coming.  

One of our regular vendors, Red’s Threads, has moved to a centre spot, and is providing another breakfast option at the market with ‘Tata-Ma-Sammich’ in her former location.   Along with our other regular food vendors, we were also joined by Mallows at the Market- with homemade marshmallows, and Cape D’Or salmon and halibut.    And, of course, the harvest of fall vegetables is overflowing with delicious choices to add to the feast.  

The other vendors are offering lots of gift and decorating choices for the quickly coming holidays of Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.    Here are just a few pictures from last Saturday’s market- and we’ll hope to see you on the 12th!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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