The crisp clean air of September brings with it the sweet taste of crisp apples , sweet plums and ripe tomatoes. My sauce pot is full every day with salsas, jellies and fresh pasta sauce. Local produce is at its prime and you will find it it in plenty this Saturday. The long hot days of summer are stored in every beautiful ripe tomato just waiting to fill your dinner plates with joy. The Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market is a great place to share the harvest It does not matter whether you are cooking up a storm or just purchasing a few bottles of pickles.

Farmers Markets are not just about shopping.They are also about meeting your neighbors, sitting and having a coffee with people new to town, meeting a new baby for the first and watching them grow Saturday by Saturday.  So cozy up to a Saturday at the market and enjoy the new fall winter schedule of entertainment and information. Remember the market closes at noon during the fall.

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Green beans!

J Green beans!

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Gardening In Tatamagouche

Growing a farmers Market is a lot like growing a garden. Planning and dreaming lead to research and more dreaming and as Dale says this kind of dreaming always leads to a lot of work. But when the work is done and the seeds are planted it’s time to enjoy the results of all those plans.
The end of construction at the creamery square site and the opening of The Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre signals the beginning of a gardening season. The garden beds are finally prepared and await only the tending our community can provide.

If the Grand Opening is an example of the new beginning I am very excited. Our community was well represented. There were performers from all age groups and many different perspectives. Musical theater, choral groups, old time fiddles, vintage rock and blue just to mention a few. Even our local protest group attended the event, raising our media profile significantly.

The market continues to grow. With new faces joining us each week. We still have room in our outdoor area for more grower vendors, so check your gardens it might be a great place to find some extra cash.

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Busy weekend

The excitement is building in our community. What a month June can be with everything from graduations, grand opening to snowstorms and tropical depressions!
The gardens are tilled and planted, the blueberries are blossoming and the apples are pollinated and the fruit is set for the year. Wordplay the first major event at Creamery Square, is now a wonderful memory survived by sock puppets and wonderful new books for families to read together.
The market family is taking care of the last minute details for our upcoming Market Fare Dinner taking place on June 27 from 4-6pm. We are very excited to include Deb’s Country Kitchen, Carole’s Corner, Spicy Cravings, Jost, Ironworks Distillery, Appleton Chocolates, All Sauced Up and more. Tickets will be on sale Saturday morning. Don’t forget to purchase your ticket for a chance to win the Canada Day Basket full of amazing items.
Special thanks to the Tatamagouche Branch of the
Scotia Bank for their continued support!

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Local Food & Local Chefs

If you would like a copy of the Select Nova Scotia 2014 recipe collection stop by Saturday for a free copy while supplies last!

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Summer is a coming in and winters gone away!image


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Market Fare Community Dinner

As part of the opening Celebrations on June 27 2015 the market will be hosting a community dinner from 4-6pm. Pay $15 at the door and receive fresh local salad, rolls,ice water and $15 in market money.

From there take your market cash and create a meal of your choice from invited cooks and caterers.Join your friends and sit back and enjoy your meal listening to live local music.

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imageLunch at the Market

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9th Birthday

The Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market just passed its’ 9th birthday. Wow it seems like yesterday when we all stood on the front step for the opening day. Vendors have come and gone, some have gone on to other businesses, others have moved away. Sadly, some have passed on and are greatly missed.

Our loyal customers have supported the market from the beginning,their families growing right before our eyes.New customers arrive every week, usually surprised by the diversity they find in their own backyard. Brenna with her asparagus, rhubarb and apples, Tina with her vegan soaps, Delores with her honey , to name but a few, all work together to produce each Saturday morning’s symphony.

The 2015 market season is looking to be full of exciting Saturdays at the market. Breakfast on the waterfront deck, local music, pie eating contests, not to forget great local produce, baking and crafts. The most exciting news is the completion of construction on the Creamery Square site and the upcoming opening of the Centre for the Art on June 27. A full day of entertainment is planned from the market opening at 8am until the curtain call at the first performance on the main stage. The day will be one to remember.

As part of the celebration, The Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market will be hosting a community dinner from 4-6pm. In market style, many of our usual vendors, invited caterers and cooks will be offering dinner choices. We hope to see you there.




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The Market Experience

The weather is definitely warmer and the winter snow is becoming an old memory, and life at the market changes into summer mode.

Wilson's Honey

Wilson’s Honey


Katie was very busy providing samples of Ironworks Distillery spirits.

Katie at Ironworks Distillery

Katie at Ironworks Distillery


Music on the deck

Music on the deck


Busking inside


And the members of the Wallace Masonic Lodge were doing a big business selling tickets on a big basket of lobsters.

Selling tickets on a feed of lobsters

Selling tickets on a feed of lobsters


See you here next week!

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